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A class dedicated to all things core and posture. Expect a big focus understanding how to activate core, core includes everything from glutes (butt) to shoulders.

Creating awareness of our posture and core; strength all around core is a great way to help relieve aches and pains and to set us up for great movement habits.


A practice completely suitable for all levels. Your teacher will spend time guiding you through each pose and allowing you time to ‘play’ in that pose before moving into the next.

A great mixture of strength, flexibility and of course relaxation.

This practice is really adapted to each individual.


Suitable for everyone. Hugely beneficial to those with any aches or pains.

A very slow moving class with lots of time for transitions so you don’t have to worry about constantly moving from seated to standing or awkward transitions.


A more dynamic practice where movement is completely led by breath. Expect lots of yummy sun salutation variations and a great mix of strength and flexibility within this practice.

Each individual moves at their own time and their own pace to create their own unique practice.

We flow from pose to pose and sequence to sequence. The intention; to allow ourselves to become completely focused on only breath and movement.

LYT Method Espresso

A 45 minute LYT practice. A yoga version of a strong shot of espresso.

A dynamic, core & posture focused flow style yoga practice. This style of yoga is created by renowned physical therapist Lara Heimann, it was created to help us find and create mobility, stability and adaptability within our bodies. This is a challenging, uplifting movement based practice. Are you ready to get LYT?
Not for beginners


Within the Yin practice expect long holds , exploring Deep sensations within your body, accepting where the body is and how it feels, and then allowing yourself to linger in that pose, we will use lots of props , blocks, bolsters and cushions.

This is a very slow moving but very intense class.